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Power Presence helps women leaders gain the tools they need to show up as their best, most powerful selves at work. This one day interactive workshop explores concepts including Personal Power, Personal Branding, Confidence, Communication, Appearance, Digital Presence and Self Care.

Audience: Mid-level managers to executives

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TAKING THE LEAD: Power, Presence and Your Personal Brand

Taking the Lead: Power, Presence & Your Personal Brand is an interactive workshop that provides an overview to how to identify your personal power, exude your personal power through presence, and build and express your personal brand. Duration: 2 hours


Audience: Professional women

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Women in or interested in leadership are often looking for ways to manage it all. This training class or keynote speech shares some of these "secret weapons" that women can learn from. Duration: 60 - 90 minutes

Audience: High potential women, women employee resource groups (ERGs)

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All of us have superpowers -- our special way of doing things that make us special and different than the other 7.5+ billion people in the world. In this interactive workshop, you will gain clarity on your strengths, what your brand should stand for and how you can  thrive at work and beyond by being authentically and perfectly you


Audience: Professional women and men, employee resource groups

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Building your personal brand is an important part in developing your reputation as well as supporting your career evolution at work. In "Activate Your Brand" we go through many ways in which you can build your brand to wow your internal and external stakeholders.

Audience: Professional organizations, employee resource groups

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CLAIM YOUR DAY: Your Secret Weapon to Success

How you start your day can drastically impact the trajectory of your day. Through research and learning common morning routine practices, we've come up with our own morning routine for personal and professional success: C.L.A.I.M. In this session, learn about the CLAIM practice and why it has been a game changer for so many leaders around the world.

Audience: High potentials, employee resource groups

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