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At The Asbury Group we say, "We see you." We see our clients' potential and the incredible, powerful people they were created to be. We believe that exponential growth and unique potential are activated when leaders are tapped into their full, authentic power. They have greater performance, broader impact and experience more fulfillment in many aspects of their lives. Through our transformational leadership programs, interactive workshops, and conscious coaching and consulting experiences, we help our clients grow and develop from the inside out. 


If you are an organization, let us help your employees become the best leaders they can be. If you are leader or emerging leader, let us help you become and show up as your best self. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.



We work with a variety of organizations, from global Fortune 100 companies to medium sized businesses to universities and non-profits. Human Resources, Inclusion & Diversity, Employee Resource Groups and Learning & Development teams/departments engage us to develop programs that will help their people thrive. As our work is human-centered, it spans across gender, race and geographies. Though we offer a wide array of offerings tailored to our clients' needs, one thing we do exceptionally well is to create safe spaces for people to connect with themselves, productively engage with their teams and ultimately learn and grow exponentially.

Services include: transformational leadership programs, group coaching facilitation, professional development workshops,  immersive retreat and experiences, executive coaching and consulting engagements.



Whether you want to land that next promotion, get unstuck, elevate your executive presence or visibility, or gain more centeredness and less chaos in your day-to-day, we have a team of experts who are here to support you in your journey. 

Through our Conscious Coaching approach, we coach to the whole person. And though our coaching may be tailored toward career advancement, executive presence elevation, effective communication or improved image, we start from a place of understanding who that individual is at their core and helping them become the best and most authentic leader -- and person -- they can be from that starting point. 


Contact us to learn more about our services.


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A champion for women in leadership, Kailei Carr is the CEO of The Asbury Group, an organization specializing in developing leaders from the inside out. Her signature approach to leadership presence -- which is grounded in one's personal power -- has helped high potential leaders around the globe thrive and advance to the most senior ranks.


Kailei holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BA from Emory University. When she’s not coaching clients or speaking at conferences and corporations, Kailei can be found hosting her podcast, Beyond the Business Suit, which has  listeners in over 100 countries.


Kailei’s advice to executive and executive-bound women has been featured in numerous media outlets including ForbesFortune and The Oprah Winfrey Network. She lives in the Atlanta area with her husband, Justin, and their daughter, Adrienne.

Specialty Areas: Kailei works with organizations around the globe to craft bespoke programs to help their leaders (typically women and/or people of color) to lead with more purpose, authenticity and personal power. Topics she speaks on include Leadership Presence, Discovering Your Strengths, Personal Branding, Conscious Leadership, Transformational Leadership and Leading with Purpose. 

Our Team of Collaborators

The Asbury Group Team (affectionately called the TAG Team) consists of coaches, facilitators, speakers and practitioners who have been trained to deliver heart-and-soul centered transformational leadership experiences. From communication, leadership presence, presentation skills, personal branding, mindfulness and more, our diverse team brings the skill + soul needed for transformational experiences. 

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The Beyond the Business Suit is the podcast that gives you the information and inspiration you need to become your best self at work and beyond. 

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