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Announcing: The Beyond Leadership Academy

Beyond Leadership Academy Overview.png

The Beyond Leadership Academy is a six-month transformational leadership program designed for Black female leaders to experience exponential growth and development, helping them become more prepared for the senior ranks of leadership.


Different from typical leadership development programs that specialize on general leadership skills, this program is designed for and by Black women and focuses on the whole woman. The program's journey is designed to help participants ascend and thrive, while improving their wellbeing, helping them hone their authenticity and maximizing on their power within.

Round 2 applications are open now until February 12, 2021. Program begins in March 2021.


Note: We plan to have no more than 20 participants in this first cohort.  

Download our Beyond Leadership Academy overview deck below:

You can also find:

  • An overview document with program details here.

  • A replay of an info session we hosted for potential applicants here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


  • When will the program kick off and when will it end? The program kicks off in March 2021 (updated from January) and will last until September.

  • How large will the cohort be? We are expecting for no more than 20 in the cohort.

  • What are some of the aspects of the program that make the program different from other leadership development programs? There are several aspects of this program that make it different than other leadership programs:

    • Immersive "whole woman" approach: we believe that the best leadership development comes from personal development.

    • Sponsorship Matching: each person will be paired with a "champion" who will be a more senior person (likely within their organization) to develop a relationship with, gain insight from and adopt as a an advocate for your success. 

    • Executive Coaching: each person will get periodic coaching (a mix between executive and life coaching) during the program.

    • Community beyond cohort: Participants will also have access to the greater Beyond Community platform where they will be able to gain additional professional development, exclusive content and connections with high-achieving women outside of their cohort. 

    • Giving Back: As part of the program, you will work with your fellow cohort members on an "UpLift Project" which will be targeted to impact Black women earlier in their career. 

    • Real Stories: We will hear from a diverse set of successful senior leaders from across the globe to provide real-life perspectives.

  • What is the time commitment for the program? Though the time commitment varies by month, participants will have, on average, 8-12 hours of work per month.

  • What level of person is this program for? This program is for high-potential women who are likely mid-career. Their title may vary and, in our experience, there is a fairly wide-range of women who benefit from a program like this. The person typically needs to be experienced enough to be ready for leadership development while not too seasoned for the information to feel irrelevant. If you have any questions about if this program is right for you, feel free to reach out to Kailei Carr. 

  • What industries or fields is this program for? This program generally targets women in corporate roles, though we have found women in academia, non-profit, professional organizations and law also find the content attractive and valuable. 

  • How much does this program cost? The tuition of this program is $8500. Many programs of this caliber are in the 5-figure range and there is considerable value for the cost of the program. 

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